Rubber Profiles

We have two microwave units in which we extrude rubber profiles in EPDM, NBR and CR. We are able to produce solid rubber, cellular rubber with different properties of water-proof,oil-proof,fire-proof,food-grade,anti-corrosion,etc. We can widely supply hatch cover rubber packings and corner packings, shipping facilities sealed products. We are working hard to meet new increased environmental requirements. Do you need profiles in different requirements, please contact us and we will produce the part you need.

Examples of products


Rubber Gaskets

We have the possibility to supply your parts in the way best suited to you. We can hot-vulcanize rubber parts by press or injection press with moulds. We can supply in cutting methods which vary from die-cutting , water-cutting.

Examples of products


Rubber Shock Dampers

We specializes in all kinds of rubber shock dampers and isolators popularly applied to the engineering machinery, rail & transportation, rail vehicle,vessel,etc.

Examples of products

shock damper

Rubber Fenders

We can supply kinds of rubber fenders. Easy to be installed and maintained,more secure,more durable,design and punch according to the customers' requests. Used as the suspending equipment of defending dash for all kinds of the shipping ,docks ,parking lot and logistics center.

Examples of products

CY rubber fenders
D-type rubber fenders
SA-type rubber fenders
W-type rubber fenders
Square type rubber fender
Clip-type rubber fender